Car washes are a competitive business. So if you are thinking about buying a car wash, you need to find ways to make your car wash stand out.

So…how exactly can I make my car wash stand out above the competition?

5 Ways to Make Your Car Wash Exceedingly Profitable

Here are five techniques you can use to make your car wash exceedingly profitable and stand out above the competition.

1. Give Them a Reason to Return

Never let your customers leave the premises without giving them a reason to return. People are creatures of habit. So if you can get them into the habit of coming to your car wash, you’ve won half the battle. Consider starting an awards program giving your customers points that will lead up to a free car wash for every service they have done. Or, perhaps you could offer coupons for a discount on their next visit, etc.

2. Preventive Maintenance and Productivity

Keeping your car wash fully stocked with supplies, accessories, and other necessities is vital to your success. It’s also important that your facility is always pristine, clean, and odor-free. That means everything from the signs, windows, restrooms, etc.

Additionally, your equipment should be working at peak performance at all times. This means having preventive maintenance tasks and a preventive maintenance schedule in place that details and schedules every task. Each employee should have a set preventive maintenance task(s) they are accountable for as long as they are employed.

3. Teach Employees How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

There aren’t too many automotive businesses that teach their employees how to deliver exceptional customer service. Don’t expect your employees to know how you want them to handle people and miscellaneous customer service issues unless you tell them. You should also consider cross-training all your employees to make your business more efficient and never left without someone who can handle any issue that comes along.

4. Prepare Ahead for the Slow Times

Train your employees that even in the down times, there is always something they can be doing. No one should ever stand around not doing anything. Do the parking lot stripes and/or benches need repainting? Do the fans, snack area, or the restrooms need cleaning? Does the building need power washed? Make a list of to-dos for each employee, especially in the seasonally slow times or when it rains.

5. Find a Way to Stand Out Above the Competition

If you want to stand out above the competition, you will have to find unique ways to do so. Take a look at your competition. What do they do? Is there anything you do better you could brag and build on?  How do they market to their customers?

Consider donating some of your proceeds to a local charity. Or perhaps you could have set promotions such as a firefighters day, teachers day, or military personnel day. You could have a contest or give awards for your most valuable customers based on how many times they have visited your facility. You could also have a carnival or some other type of event at your facility and have it catered while offering half-priced car washes for those who attend. Then you could hand out BOGO coupons or something similar to entice those same customers to come back at a later date. This is great for name recognition and building your brand.