There are a lot of restaurants in Chattanooga, but there aren’t too many arcades for adults in the area. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that being a problem anymore, because Dave & Buster’s is coming to town.

The full-service restaurant and sports bar coupled with a video arcade has nearly 130 US locations already, with more in the works. It just so happens that one of those “in the works” locations is Chattanooga, where Dave & Buster’s will offer its great food and fun entertainment to residents and visitors alike.

What Does Dave & Buster’s Have That’s Unique?

While you can get food at a lot of places in Chattanooga, you can’t get the same experience at other restaurants as you’ll get at Dave & Buster’s. In addition to typical fare like chicken, pasta, and burgers, you can also expect the menu to change frequently. The restaurant is really focused on making sure it stays up with the latest trends in popular food, so it will often adjust its menu to reflect that.

Additionally, most restaurants don’t have an arcade in them. If they do, they certainly don’t have a bar, as well. But with Dave & Buster’s you can get a more adult arcade experience. There are Sunday Brunch options and buffets for special events at some of the locations, so people can go to the restaurant when they want to host a party or have a big get-together, as long as they plan in advance.

Why Chattanooga is a Great Choice

The commercial real estate market in Chattanooga is strong right now, and it continues to grow as automotive manufacturers and other businesses start making the city their home. Having a new place to eat and have fun is a great way for the city to continue its economic growth and development. For anyone who is looking to purchase commercial property in Chattanooga, there are plenty of options available and a lot of opportunities for new businesses to come in.

Dave & Buster’s is just one example of the growth of the area, and it can offer another new dining and entertainment option for people who live and work in the city, as well as people who just love to visit.